Covid-19 Guidelines

Hydra Studios is a clean and private wellness destination. The entire space is designed and operated with COVID-19 in mind.

We are dedicated to our members, guests, and employees' health and safety and commit to the highest standards of cleanliness in our studio.

Highest Standards of Cleanliness

We frequently disinfect all high touch surfaces throughout the space and deep clean the entire studio multiple times per day. Hand sanitizer stations are provided in every room. Our showers and lockers are assigned and rotated to minimize shared contact and allow time to disinfect.

Antimicrobial Surfaces

We've incorporated antimicrobial materials into our surfaces and fabrics, limiting the spread of hazardous microbes.

Touchless Check-Ins

Our touchless reservation and check-in system ensures minimal contact within the studio.

HEPA Air Filters

For additional ventilation, we've installed HEPA air filters into each private suite.

Hospital Grade Ventilation

Our studio has a brand new HVAC system, ensuring around two complete outdoor air changes per hour and eight supply air changes per hour. This is comparable to what hospital rooms require.

Cleaned Between Each Use

Our private fitness and wellness suites are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use. We clean hard surfaces with CDC approved and EPA registered multi-surface cleaner disinfectant. All soft surfaces are sprayed with disinfectant for extra protection.

Limited Capacity

With our concierge reservation system, we limit the number of people in our studio at one time to well under the required limit set by NYC's COVID guidelines. We screen and record every visitor to the space to ensure all government safety guidelines regarding symptoms, exposure, travel, and contact tracing are met.

Mask On

Every guest is required to wear an approved face-covering in public areas. We'll provide a suitable mask if the face-covering does not meet government requirements.